rap feel 

‪Kendrick Souled; Blood Cole’d‬.  Kanye like Ego; Drake like Emo.  No heart like Weezy, but just can’t leave’m alone like Jeezy. ™ -ab Advertisements

to the bone. 

He calls me a bad girl and I can’t help but grin cause I’m sure im the baddest he’s e v e r  been in. ™ -ab

All he couldn’t eat buffet

He told me he wanted to eat my sadness. Swallow woes & consume madness.  but just like every other fool, he’d eventually bite off more than he could chew.  Now knowing better, I… Continue reading

Restless Pieces 

I hate the way he looks at me, I hate who he thinks he sees. that girl’s gone, she’s deceased. Unlaid with the rest, outside of peace.  weak wasted worth.™ -ab

The Elephant in the Wound

He doesn’t hear me say “I don’t know how to stay.” & then he Ignores my every attempt to explain.  & So, I’ll fadeaway; & S t a y A w a y.… Continue reading

Open Invitation 

You have such a pretty mouth;  to feed it only kisses   would be a wasted opportunity.    -Michael Faudet 


“maybe one day I’ll be able to again look at your face. But as for right now, you couldn’t possibly give me enough space.” ™ -ab

Whisper it. 

Tell me exactly how much of your mind I touch every day.


i’ve let you go. i’ve given you up. but I can’t promise to stop writing about you, forget you, and not think of you. but i swear, there is one thing i will… Continue reading

Winded Memory

⅋ after she’s gone, the once sweet scent of a swisher will be just a bitter reminder of how much you miss her.™ -ab