Fantasized Reality 

Can a lamb become a lion? If you answered yes, you’re lying. Could a wolf have once been a sheep? Maybe in it’s clothing but that’s only skin deep. Is it possible for a… Continue reading

White Overnight

Sleep don’t come easy. It’s a struggle to stay under. So I count sheep, & always get pass a hundred.™  -ab 

Magnification; Minimization

She had eyes that told lies; she liked it that way. Honest eyes are trouble, misguided truth betrays. ™ -ab

Villainous Exhibit Visits

Couldn’t quit completely, so I switched to a smaller dosage. Fingers crossed that hopefully my mind will get the message.™ -ab 

head over feels 

She’s the Baddest bitch ever, I fuckin love to hear her gloat. comebacks so clever, but no words, alll throat.™  -ab 

Dab Collab’ 

Constant blunt smoking used to be a daily habit, But I’m a little older and all I do is dab it.  That’s the problem with built up toleration, it forces you to increase… Continue reading


The warmth of your touch is a thrill for my cold heart. ™ -ab

Unable, disabled. 

Awkward silences, looks that kill, my subconscious is screaming, but my mouth is still. I’ve tried to explain before, attempted to make sense of this mess. But despite my efforts the reward still… Continue reading

Prisoner in a Person. 

Misery w/ company: So quiet, there’s so much I want to say. Dead silence, the explanation never seems to find its way. My mouth keeps starting but there’s no voice behind it to… Continue reading

Bitter & more bitter every minute. 

Running; I ran through my youth with such haste. Disregarding the warnings of what I might waste. Who needs advice anyway. I mean, who really takes it. Who’d even care enough to genuinely… Continue reading