Whisper it. 

Tell me exactly how much of your mind I touch every day.


i’ve let you go. i’ve given you up. but I can’t promise to stop writing about you, forget you, and not think of you. but i swear, there is one thing i will… Continue reading

Winded Memory

⅋ after she’s gone, the once sweet scent of a swisher will be just a bitter reminder of how much you miss her.™ -ab

Close to where my heart is supposed to be. 

They say the closer a person is to you, the worse they can hurt you. He was the stethoscope for my heart, pain with maxed out volume. Desparate attempts to block it all… Continue reading


Can’t trust, don’t know how. Broken by loveless lust and things I allow. Blame myself, that’s the way I handle things. I just wanna throw this thing out the window, experience hell when… Continue reading


There’s a difference between taming something and caging it. For example, there’s a lion in the wild and intend to make it mine; now there are two ways of doing this, the first… Continue reading