Bitter & more bitter every minute. 

Running; I ran through my youth with such haste. Disregarding the warnings of what I might waste. Who needs advice anyway. I mean, who really takes it. Who’d even care enough to genuinely… Continue reading

Caged Pretty Bird

The volume turned all the way up, quietly she screams, amazed at just how little of her pain he bothers to see. ™ -ab

sold offshore. 

If you put a seashell to your ear, you can hear the ocean clearly. But if you were to put your ear to my heart, the lack of sound is quite eerie.™ -ab

Word of Mouth

Some things are Better left unsaid; but I’d tell her anything while she’s giving me head. ™ -ab

Estimated Potential

Let’s just avoid future surprises…Darling, daddy issues come in all shapes and sizes.™ -ab

Dearly deHearted

Stomach empty, haven’t slept right in weeks. Feel like I’m going crazy. Like my soul’s unclean. Starting to wonder what it all means like why I make these choices, how deep will I… Continue reading

Right & Wrong. Right vs. Wrong

My world was turned upside down, I played it cool, didn’t show it. Did everything to avoid a frown, so no one would know it. I’m sure I sound stupid I sound like… Continue reading

Poker Faced

It makes me feel uneasy, low-key drives me insane. you look straight through me, your eyes unveil my pain. Beautiful whispers escape from your lips, such tempting sounds, but I’m wise to your… Continue reading

Bubba Blunt Pimp

I want to start running and never ever stop. Cross country mission, like that dude forest gump.™ -ab

I prefer my puns intended. 

Would you believe me if I said, “I’m the best you’re ever going to get”?  Well, believe it or not baby, that shit’s legit.™ -ab