Nothing Is Worth Everything

What’s wrong little one? Eyes bloodshot and make up undone.  They’ll never believe your point of view. If I were you, I’d choose silence over being a fool.™ -ab  Advertisements

missing the light within

All alone in my head, so many feelings of enslavement. My thoughts so often misread to say I’m confused would be an understatement.™ -ab 

Truth behold. 

Darling, I’m no good for you. I’m bad for me too.™ -ab 


If I show em, it’ll grow em.™ -ab 


Always been somewhat modest, but my shit’s bomb, if I’m finally being honest.™ -ab 

Pants on fire. 

Why would you wanna see inside my head? And hear the opposite of all I’ve said? ™  -ab 

Fantasized Reality 

Can a lamb become a lion? If you answered yes, you’re lying. Could a wolf have once been a sheep? Maybe in it’s clothing but that’s only skin deep. Is it possible for a… Continue reading

White Overnight

Sleep don’t come easy. It’s a struggle to stay under. So I count sheep, & always get pass a hundred.™  -ab 

Magnification; Minimization

She had eyes that told lies; she liked it that way. Honest eyes are trouble, misguided truth betrays. ™ -ab

Villainous Exhibit Visits

Couldn’t quit completely, so I switched to a smaller dosage. Fingers crossed that hopefully my mind will get the message.™ -ab