The Upper Hand

Stay the same. I suggest giving no effort. Save yourself time and avoid shame. Trust me, I’m an expert.™ -ab Advertisements

Usual Intentions.

There’s no “oops” in my “I did it again.” If I fooled you twice, it was part of the plan.™ -ab 

‘Not me, oh no, not I’

Everyone wants to be hugged and kissed, it’s like a subconscious filling to the void caused by the love that we’ve missed. It’s human nature to seek healing for our damaged souls. We’d… Continue reading


I bite the hand that feeds me.™  -ab 

Timing is everything; Everything’s a bitch.

I can see clearly now, my sight has gone.™ -ab

Opposite of Winning

So fucking tired of life, this relationship is killing me. Your words might as will be a knife, stabbing me without mercy. I don’t know how to be this girl, weak and sad.… Continue reading


You couldn’t possibly understand the desperation that lies under the decision to betray a nation.™ -ab 

imagine me & you; i don’t. 

I know exactly why you’re afraid of me. I’m everything you need to be free. you look at me and see possibilities. You & I together, baby, would be fuckin ecstasy. If I’m… Continue reading

Route of Evil

The time when I feel the least alive is probably when I’m on the 405. Sick and tired of this commute, Lord I pray I can find some new routes.™  -ab

Accept defeat when defeated

I thought I saw his soul, could’ve sworn that was his heart I heard. Played like a damn fool, forgot that bullshit was for the birds.™ -ab