Final Curtain

Release me release me, Let me go. Leave me leave me; End the show. Please these ropes around my neck are too tight, Cutting off my circulation and blurring my eyesight.  The knife… Continue reading

tired truthless tells 

It feels good to tell the truth, but the “whole truth” is between me and god. True; It feels good to tell the truth, but the “whole truth” just ain’t for the squad.™… Continue reading

Ever, Have I Never. 

I’ve never met a guy, who knew what I was thinking. Never met a girl, I’ve liked without drinking. ™ -ab


She married her sadness and slept with happiness on the weekend.™ -ab

rap feel 

‪Kendrick Souled; Blood Cole’d‬.  Kanye like Ego; Drake like Emo.  No heart like Weezy, but just can’t leave’m alone like Jeezy. ™ -ab

Magnification; Minimization

She had eyes that told lies; she liked it that way. Honest eyes are trouble, misguided truth betrays. ™ -ab

to the bone. 

He calls me a bad girl and I can’t help but grin cause I’m sure im the baddest he’s e v e r  been in. ™ -ab

All he couldn’t eat buffet

He told me he wanted to eat my sadness. Swallow woes & consume madness.  but just like every other fool, he’d eventually bite off more than he could chew.  Now knowing better, I… Continue reading

Restless Pieces 

I hate the way he looks at me, I hate who he thinks he sees. that girl’s gone, she’s deceased. Unlaid with the rest, outside of peace.  weak wasted worth.™ -ab

The Elephant in the Wound

He doesn’t hear me say “I don’t know how to stay.” & than he Ignores my every attempt to explain.  & So, I’ll fadeaway; & S t a y A w a y.… Continue reading