Prisoner in a Person. 

Misery w/ company: So quiet, there’s so much I want to say. Dead silence, the explanation never seems to find its way. My mouth keeps starting but there’s no voice behind it to finish. Tons of words in my head but at the sight of you, they vanish. You can’t blame me for it though, I mean, it’s not all my fault. I’d ask you how you feel, but can’t take another insult. Wonder what we’re here for, like what’s the purpose of our births. Not sure really, but in you I saw beyond what you think you’re worth. Wishing I could show you at least a quarter of what you mean and how you’re seen to me. Maybe after a glimpse of  beauty you might end this jealously. Put a stop to all the doubt, eliminate any fears. Than we can start to grow and never again have to wipe away tears.™