Let Bygones Be Bygones

I’m tired of lying to myself. time to take the truth off its dusty shelf.™ -ab Advertisements

High & Dry

Tunneling in like his vision. be happy or mad; it’s your own decision.™ -ab

Slip of the tongue.

If you knew me at all, you’d be someone else. ™ -ab 

Let Them Eat Cake

Waiting for my piece of cake but I’m no fool; Ill eat it, just not in front of you.™ -ab

Think Twice

If only you were a swisher, than maybe she’d let you kiss her. ™ -ab 

Curiosity Burned The Cat

So I ask, what happens after the dream. Assuming, of course, that it came true. Will it all go up in flames, will you blame me for hating you?™ -ab

Turn A Blind Eye

She’s always fine, or at least that’s what she keeps insisting. But unless you’re completely blind, you can see she’s just resisting. There’s no use in helping her. The situation will most likely… Continue reading


I don’t know how to act surprised. ™ -ab 

Know The Ropes

Since all good things come to an end, I’d rather start bad & just pretend.™ -ab

Eighty Six

Trust me baby, it kills me to see you go. But I won’t stop you from leaving. Drove me crazy, it was all your ego. But to me, it’s not worth me saving.™… Continue reading